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Mike Jones' Platform


Far too long has our great area been overlooked due to poor planning, representation, and special interest groups. It is time to prioritize our district’s needs. Infrastructure and our roadways are essential arteries for economic growth and community connectivity. With a clear vision and steadfast determination, I will prioritize infrastructure projects that enhance safety, reduce congestion, and stimulate local economies.

road issues

Parental Rights

Parents are the primary stakeholder of their children. God gave us this responsibility and right. The SC Constitution states that the SC legislature is the primary stakeholder of education. This needs to change. I support public education but believe that every child and household is unique and that the one-size-fits-all approach to education is not working. I will advocate for policies that empower and support parents. Parents should have the freedom to make informed decisions about their child’s education and upbringing. My wife and I have had six children graduate from the public school system and I have several family members that work in the public school system. Our grandchildren attend public, private, and have homeschooled for a period of time. I understand the importance of education freedom so each child can reach their unique potential.

Smaller Government and Less Taxes

Smaller government and increased individual freedoms are what fuel and strengthen our local economy! Our federal and state governments bureaucracy has become too large and powerful. Elected officials should report to their constituents and not the bureaucracy! I support legislation that decreases the tax burdens for individuals and families. Our founding fathers built America with the intent of a smaller government to make sure there is no threat to the freedom of ordinary people.


Small Business

As a small business owner, I understand the struggles of keeping a small business open. I also understand that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and I will support legislation that supports small businesses and less red tape.

Judicial Reform

It is critical to have a fair and efficient legal system. I am committed to implementing reforms that ensure equal access to justice, promote transparency, and restore public trust in our courts. Catch and release of habitual offenders must cease. I support measures like S1046 in its original form to address systemic issues such as judicial bias. I agree with Representative Joe White when he talks about making the SC JMSC (Judicial Merit Selection Commission) separate from the general assembly. Law and order are crucial for a just society.

Mike Jones for SC Senate Seat 35

Election Integrity

We must pass laws to ensure anyone registered to vote in South Carolina is a citizen of the United States legally. We need to ensure there are strict standards for absentee ballots.

Agriculture and Rural South Carolina

Agriculture plays a vital role in South Carolina’s economy and culture. I am committed to prioritizing initiatives to support farmers, and our farmland. I will also promote agricultural innovation and revitalize rural communities. We must ensure that our farmland is not being purchased by foreign entities that wish to do us harm. I also recognize the importance of bringing modern amenities like broadband internet to rural communities. I understand that access to high-speed internet is essential and will open doors for educational resources, healthcare, and e-commerce, empowering residents and businesses to thrive in the digital age. When I am in office rural communities will have a strong voice at the Statehouse.

Protect our Borders

Illegal Immigration

I have no issue with legal immigration, but I have major concerns with illegal immigration. I am committed to addressing the multifaceted challenges of illegal immigration including the documented cases of rape, sex trafficking, and drug smuggling, especially fentanyl with a comprehensive approach that prioritizes both security and compassion due to this invasion. Our open southern border is a national security concern. All our states are becoming border states with an influx of illegal immigrants. Due to my military service in the National Guard, and my time working at the border, I have first-hand experience of what is happening on the border. This gives me the advantage of truly understanding the problems our border security, law enforcement, and the military are encountering.

Military and First Responders

As a 36-year Veteran of the Military and a Military Police Officer I will do everything I can to support those that so selflessly support us. As a Military Police Officer, I have helped train many of our local Sheriff’s Departments on riot control, especially after 2019. As a Military Police Officer and as a former Military Summary Court Martial Officer (similar to a civilian Magistrate Court Judge) I understand the need for law and order. I will fight for the needed resources and training for our Fire and Rescue, and I will always back the BLUE!!


Pro Life

All life is a gift from God, and I am 100% Pro Life.

2nd Amendment

As a Military Veteran, Federal Firearms Dealer, National Firearms Act SOT Dealer, CWP holder, CWP instructor, and gun store owner I have always and will always do everything I can to defend the 2ND Amendment!!


Leadership & Representation

I work for the citizens of Senate Seat 35 and I will represent you and your interest, I will not place special interest groups or their interest over yours. Not everyone at the Statehouse understands that. I encourage you to watch this exchange between Adam Morgan and another legislator about who they represent.